Behringer Packs AirPlay into Omni Audio System

The new line promises to deliver an audiophile-grade home music experience.


The Omni Link and the SP5i speaker.

AirPlay is still a nice little buzzword in the audio world. However, it’s also making a lot of traction in the audiophile world as well. Behringer is hoping to continue that trend, with its new Omni system.

The Omni system is a series of products designed to create an audiophile-grade home music experience using Apple AirPlay. Promising an insanely easy setup, users can stream music from any iOS smartphone or tablet directly to the SP3i/SP5i active loudspeakers, all over WiFi.

However, the Omni system isn’t just a bunch of speakers. The Omni Amp ($199) is a 2×40-watt amplifier that can be used with existing passive speakers, while the Omni Link ($129) is a receiver designed for any active amplified system.

Obviously, there are speakers, too — three different models. The Omni SP3i ($249) an active 3-way speaker with a 4-inch integral subwoofer, with the Omni SP5i ($349) upping that to a 6-inch sub. The Omni Surface is also an option, if you want to wall-mount those speakers.

“The days of expensive, hard-wired audio systems are officially over,” says Costa Lakoumentas, SVP of marketing. “Thanks to wireless technology and Behringer innovation, consumers can now link new and old systems to create their own personal broadcast empire without spending a fortune. The Omni system allows music to be streamed to individual or multiple speakers at the same time, creating a seamless soundfield that will fill nearly any home. The ability to connect existing speakers into the Omni ecosystem allows owners to retain prized audio equipment.”


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