bēm wireless Starts Selling Speaker Trio

The trio of new Bluetooth speakers is now available online.


A company named bēm wireless is making wireless music three times as interesting. The company just started selling its Speaker Trio, a set of three wireless speakers that can put music just about anywhere you want it.

The Speaker Trio is just what it sounds like: a package of three speakers. However, each of these are wireless, which means you can put one on the deck, one in the bedroom, and even one in the bathroom. Spread them out in and around the house, up to 120 feet.

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From there, you can stream music from any Bluetooth-capable smartphone, tablet or other device.

The one downer is that wherever you decide to place those speakers won’t be a permanent home. Each one has an internal battery that will need to be recharged on the included base. According to the company, you should get about 6 hours of playback on a full charge.

Other features include an aux-in and aux-out, as well as options to get the speakers in black or white.

The Speaker Trio is available now on the bēm wireless website. The MSRP for the entire set is $299.99.


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