Autonomic Media Servers First to Work with Crestron Smart Graphics

Autonomic Mirage servers deliver content and control as if they were native to Crestron home automation ecosystem. Gesture-driven controls, animated feedback, metadata, embedded apps, full-motion video scale to any Crestron interface.


“Crestron Connected” Autonomic Mirage servers take full advantage of Crestron’s SmartGraphics and SmarObjects programming environment.

There are Crestron partners and there are serious Crestron partners. Autonomic Controls fits the “serious” bill by being the first to fully support Crestron’s media player application, including Smart Graphics and SmartObjects—features of Crestron’s Core 3 UI.

Autonomic’s Mirage Media Server (MMS) platform is now “Crestron Connected,” CEO Michael de Nigris explains: “No more Crestron programming is required. Our servers are now ‘plug and play’ with Crestron systems.”

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Now, MMS products deliver content and control as if they were native to the Crestron ecosystem. iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody,, TuneIn Radio and SiriusXM stream through the Crestron media player application and appear on Crestron touchscreens and iOS devices with barely an effort on the integrator’s part.

Users can now have their programmers create gesture-driven controls, animated feedback, metadata, embedded apps, and full-motion video for one interface, and they scale automatically for any other Crestron interface.

When combined with a Crestron control system, the Mirage Media Server allows users to control and distribute multiple streams of audio to every room in the house. Additionally, with Mirage’s integrated Apple AirPlay functionality, users can send music from their favorite Apple device to anywhere in the home with the press of a button.

Incorporating Crestron’s graphics/control combo into the Autonomic units, “dealers don’t have to create the parts and pieces expected in a media player interface one-at-a-time,” says Crestron Marketing Solutions manager Delia Hansen. “With a simple Smart Graphics Media Player, the dealer can drag and drop one smart application and have transport controls, cover art, metadata, play progress, track and album info, as well as features like shuffle and repeat all perfectly scaled and laid out for them.”

He adds, “There will no doubt be future implementations, but we are the first and for now, the only media server that supports ‘Smart Graphics’ plug-and-play interfaces.”


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