Audyssey Betters Streaming Radio with AmpIT

The new app-based technology aims to improve your streaming experience.


Streaming media services allow you to tap into a wealth of entertainment options. Unfortunately, a lot of them sound sort of crappy. Audyssey is hoping to remedy that with its new AmpIT software development kit (SDK).

AmpIT is designed to boost the sound of streaming radio, boasting a more immersive listening experience.

If you’re that into music, you probably have a pricey pair of headphones, a nice receiver and a full speaker complement. However, when it comes time to pick a streaming service, we typically make the decision based on the song selection and price. Why shouldn’t the sound quality be part of the overall package?

AmpIT can add that extra oomph, via iOS and Android devices. Each app can access what Audyssey says is “a cloud-based collection of headphone profiles created using Audyssey’s proprietary ExpertFit calibration technology.”

According to the company, that database includes more than 200 headphone models from 55 different manufacturers. Audyssey plans to add more headphone options, as well as profiles for speakers, docks, soundbars, cars and even those tiny speakers inside smartphones and tablets. Just pick your playback device inside the app and download the corresponding profile from the database.

“It’s typically thought that to get better audio quality, you have to increase bandwidth,” said Chris Kyriakakis, Audyssey’s founder and CTO. “What we’ve found in our research is that bandwidth is not the leading cause of poor sound quality. It’s actually the acoustical problems of the playback devices.”

It sounds very user-friendly. However, this isn’t an app that you’ll find anywhere in iTunes or the Google Play Store. Currently, Audyssey is looking to license the tech to streaming radio providers.

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