Artsy Desktop Speakers Made of Newsprint and Dryer Lint

Unique “Specimens” sure to make a visual … and audio statement

When the design of a speaker is this bold, you’ll want to keep them out in the open for everyone to admire. These new Little Horn Mini Speakers from Specimen products, meant to set on a desktop, boast a unique style that makes them both a visual and audible focal point. You’ll score brownie points with your artsy friends, as Specimen Products’ horn speakers have been on exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. You’re earthy friend will love them too, as they are specially made with recycled newsprint and dryer lint.

Each horn speaker is polished by hand with shellac and available in a variety of colors. The horn is built atop a cube base constructed of Baltic Birch plywood and finished with lacquer.

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The Little Horn Mini Speakers are available for $1,850 a pair. If you’d like something larger Specimen offers its original Little Horn Speakers ($3,200/pair) and XL Horn Speakers, which stand 8 feet tall ($18,00/pair).

The speakers, which have 3-inch full-range drivers, feature an inverted design that enables low frequencies to emerge at the top of the enclosure. The fluted horn carries the audio upward and into the room.

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