Artison Debuts the World’s Smallest Subwoofer

The tiny subwoofer packs in a 300-watt amplifier and two 6.5-inch drivers.

If you want to put a little boom in your room, you need a subwoofer — and some of those suckers can really stick out like a sore thumb.

However, Artison has just debuted the RCC Nano 1, the world’s smallest subwoofer. The teeny-tiny box measures a mere 7.5-by-8-by-9 inches, which includes the feet and grilles. Despite being so darn compact, it packs in a 300-watt amp and two 6.5-inch drivers. Other features include 6061 T6 aluminum and a reactance cancelling configuration (vibration-free) design.

This is the first freestanding subwoofer that Artison has developed in over 10 years, so they want to debut it right — with a Kickstarter campaign. The company is currently taking pre-orders through the crowdfunding site for $399, which is 60 percent off retail!

“We opted for a Kickstarter campaign because we felt that it was a great way to get audio fans, our customers, involved in the development of this important new subwoofer,” said Cary Christie, Artison’s founder and chief designer. “Plus they’ll get a chance to be among the first to own the Nano 1, and at a significant discount.”

Once the campaign ends on December 1, 2014, Artison plans to start shipping products in January 2015. A compatible wireless transmitter will also be available for $99.

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