App Alert: SoundBest Player Audio Enhancer

The newly launched SoundBest app promises a personalized music experience.


Some people have entire music collections stored on a portable device. For every person that’s content with that setup, there are multiple listeners looking for better sound from that smartphone or other portable.

The latter group may appreciate SoundBest Player. SK Planet’s newly launched app promises a personalized music experience. That’s because it’s based on your actual hearing.

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SK Planet says that the app uses something called an Auto Fitting (AF) mode to test and isolate your hearing curve. Once the app runs through a simple sound test, it will create optimal equalizer settings for every genre, including Rock, Classic and Vocal. The end result should provide the user with the best sound experience possible.

Don’t think that you are stuck with these settings forever — or for when you are sharing music with others. The settings only work when the app is applied.

However, SK Planet thinks that music fans will enjoy the app so much, they will want to extend those same features to computer-based content. A PC version of the SoundBest Player app is also available for $35.99.

App: SoundBest Player
Find it Here: Google Play, iTunes
Cost: $2.99


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