10 Subwoofers That Can Put Oomph into the Outdoors

One of these outdoor subwoofers can put the boom into your backyard.

Photo courtesy of Sonance.

When it comes to the winter, many of you are ready to rock at a moment’s notice. Most likely, you have speakers sprinkled throughout the house. However, what happens when you actually want to step outside?

The weather is getting warmer and soon the smell of barbecued meats will be wafting through the air, luring you to the backyard, the deck and/or the pool area. Those smells can be awesome. They just aren’t all that entertaining — at least, not for very long. If you entertain outdoors, outdoor speakers are a must.

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Outdoor speakers come in several shapes and sizes, with several different price tags. We’ve covered plenty of those before. However, if you want to put a little oomph into that sound, consider an outdoor subwoofer.

An outdoor subwoofer can pack the same punch as your indoor subwoofer. The big difference here is that it needs to be able to withstand weather, insects and other critters. Unless you like carrying heavy audio equipment back and forth, it needs to be able to live outside. Several manufacturers make several subs that can rock in the great outdoors — and some look like actual rocks! Currently, there are two main types of outdoor subwoofers:

  • In-Ground: These options allow you to bury to bulk to the speaker underground.

  • Rocks and Planters: This option can blend that sound in with the outdoor scenery.

When it comes to outdoor speakers and subwoofers, placement is really important. After all, you aren’t just trying to fill the backyard, but you’re also competing with sounds from neighbors and nature. However, you also want the sound to be distributed evenly. To make beautiful music in the outdoors, the subwoofer needs to match your receiver and your speakers. Yes, you’ll need a dedicated receiver or at least one that can handle a second zone. Also, consider your climate. Sure, all outdoor speaker should be able to withstand the elements. However, if you live in especially brutal climate conditions, make sure that your outdoor subwoofer is up to the task.

Are you ready to rock? If not, you may want to take a peek at the products in our slideshow for “10 Subwoofers That Can Put Oomph into the Outdoors.”

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