Xzibit Takes Gaming to Headphones

Versatile performer gives a celebrity stamp to Monster’s line of gaming headphones.


And you thought headphones were just for listening to music. Well-known rapper and host of MTV’s popular series Pimp My Ride, may focus on music and TV in his professional career, but when he’s chilling at home, it’s all about video games. And, with the help of Monster, he hopes to soon be donning a pair of headphones specially made for gaming in the near future.

“I’m a huge gamer, especially first-person shooter games,” Xzibit shared with me during an interview at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show, where he, along with other celebrities, were on hand to promote Monster’s heavy push this year into the headphone business. “I wanted to come up with a fresh idea for the headphone market, and since gaming has become such a huge part of home entertainment, thought the time was right for a headphone made specifically for gaming.”

At CES Xzibit gushed about Monster’s new EA Sports MVP Carbon headphone. Jointly developed by EA Sports, was developed with technology that immerses a gamer in the on-screen video game action. “For music, you want to hear detail. For gaming there are different layers of audio. You want to hear a plan above you and footsteps behind you,” Xzibit explained. “Gaming is a form of entertainment that’s no longer just for kids.”

To match that level of listening sophistication, the MVP Carbons feature Monster HDHS (High Definition Headphone Surround) powered by AstoundSound, a proprietary surround processing method.
The MVP Carbon headphones will be available in February for $269.95 in both black and white colors.


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