Tim Tebow Headphones Won’t Make You Better at Sports

The famous football star has entered into a partnership with SOUL Electronics.


Ever since the whole Dr. Dre phenomenon, headphone companies seem eager to sign a celebrity to rep their products — any celebrity. So here it comes: Would you buy a pair of Tim Tebow-endorsed headphones?

That could be a possibility. SOUL Electronics has signed the famous football star to be its new “brand ambassador.” That basically means that Tebow will appear in the company’s “SOUL of Greatness” campaign and will show up to SOUL events throughout the year. It also means that Tebow will get his own line of SOUL products.

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There’s no word on what those products may be, but we can pretty much guarantee that they won’t enhance your performance out on the field. That said, the company seems to be doing pretty well with its SOUL by Ludacris line and just unleashed a few sporty pairs with Olympian Usain Bolt attached.

“Before a game, I throw on my headphones and listen to music to help me get focused and motivated,” said Tim Tebow. “It’s why I’m so proud to be representing SOUL, helping spread the word that greatness can be achieved from within.”

Fair enough! Tim Tebow’s “SOUL of Greatness” spot is slated to debut late this summer. For that, he’ll be sporting a pair of SL150 white headphones. However, there’s no word on when Tebow-branded products will hit shelves. Stay tuned.


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