Soul by Ludacris Headphones Now Available


Sometimes a big set of room-filling speakers just won’t do. There may be other people in the house, or your apartment walls are paper-thin. Or you’re just not home and are instead out and about. While the earbud business has been booming, there’s also been a sharp increase in higher-quality earware. That group is now joined by the Soul line by Ludacris.

I’m not sure why there’s a recent trend for celebrity-attached audio headgear. Monster got the ball rolling with the Dr. Dre Beats. Another recent addition is Gratitude by Earth, Wind and Fire. There’s also headphones bearing the seal-of-approval of Justin Bieber, Miles Davis (well, his family actually), Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and others. I’m waiting for the Nick Cave or Tom Waits headphones, but I’ll probably be waiting a long time.

If you can’t wait, then check out Soul. Soul by Ludacris is a whole line of headphones starting with the $299 full-size over-the-ear style that includes noise cancellation. They’re available in gold or black and white.

Other models in the line are the on-ear foldable SL150 ($199), the on-ear SL100 ($149), the in-ear (earbuds) SL99 ($99) and in-ear SL49 ($69). Both of the earbud style models are said to be designed for superior sound isolation—so you won’t disturb the person sitting next to you on the plane.

They’re available now at a variety of popular online retailers.


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