Sony Marks the Spot with New X Headphones

The MDR-X05 is a compact option, with different colors available.


The X Factor isn’t the mega-hit that Fox thought it would be. However, that’s not stopping Sony from cranking out some new headphones with show creator/star Simon Cowell.

Last fall, the two collaborated on the first pair of X Headphones, the MDR-X10. Now, the company is putting out something more compact — and more affordable. Sony just debuted the on-ear MDR-X05, which is more compact and lightweight than its predecessor. Cowell is still very much part of the process, as well.

“When Sony teamed up with Simon Cowell, our goal was to create the best sounding headphones in the world for today’s most popular music — allowing listeners to experience the full spectrum of audio that artists and producers hear in recording studios,” said Andrew Sivori, vice president of Sony’s personal audio group. “With the newest X Headphones, now we’re delivering that experience in a more compact and portable design.”

The MDR-X05 has 40mm drivers, a 3-button control with a microphone, pressure-relieving memory foam ear pads, and an acoustic seal to prevent sound leakage. Each pair also has a color-accented headband, with swivel mechanisms and end caps. The dual-folding style even allows users to swivel the set’s noise-isolating ear pads, as well as fold it up for travel.

Sony is making the MDR-X05 available in five color combinations (red on black, black on red, and silver with either red, black or white), for $199 each. The company is now taking pre-orders for the product, with plans to ship it by the end of this month.

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