Sennheiser Starts Selling at

The online retailer now carries most of the company's headphones line.


Sennheiser's HD598 boast audiophile quality and an over-ear design with E.A.R. Technology.

Good portable audio seems to be popping up everywhere. Now, Sennheiser is spreading its wings, making an authorized retailer — and its products easier to purchase.

The online retailer will offer select Sennheiser models, based on demand in applications such as sporting headphones, wireless headphones, and portable headphones. Each one boasts audiophile quality for a variety of situations, whether you’re exercising or catching a movie while the kids sleep.

Besides application, Sennheiser offers headphones based on style and budget. Exercise junkies may appreciate the Adidas sport series, with the MM series designed to deliver wireless audio via Bluetooth. There’s also the HD series for the discerning listener.

“Sennheiser represents a huge opportunity for to bring users the quality sound they are looking for, specific to most all applications,” stated Brian Gluck, manager of the website. “Since the launch of Sennheiser on our website, we have received all positive feedback on the users experience with the headphones. We believe it’s due to the innovative technology that is included with each pair of Sennheisers.”


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