RBH Sound Rocks Out EP1 Noise Isolating Earphones

The company's first pair of earphones have a custom-designed 13mm driver.


We’re used to seeing RBH Sound do speakers in all shapes and sizes. Now, you can start carrying a little RBH wherever you roam. The company just announced its move into portable audio with the EP1, a pair of noise isolating stereo in-ear headphones.

Designed to bring RBH Sound to a broader range of listeners, the EP1 includes a custom-designed 13mm full-range driver. That’s twice the size of most earbuds.

Don’t expect that girth to weigh you down, either. These are compact, but boast plenty of bass and an extended frequency response.

“Our goal was to manufacture a set of in-ear headphones that could provide consumers with a sound experience much like they get from our freestanding speakers,” says Daren Egan, director of sales of marketing for RBH Sound. “The EP1s are incredible, and are the result of years of research and development dedicated to building a better set of earphones. For many years, our company has been designing and manufacturing some of the finest loudspeakers. We’ve included all of that audio design knowledge, experience and quality into the EP1′s small and comfortable design.”

Featuring black and pewter housing and a 1.2-meter tangle-resistant cord, the EP1 comes with four pairs of interchangeable ear cushions. A set of Comply foam tips come pre-installed, with three silicone rubber options included. Each pair also comes with a cord-managing shirt clip and a small pouch to store the unused ear cushions.

RBH Sound is selling the EP1 now direct, as well as through the company’s authorized dealer network. RBH has priced the EP1 at $149 per pair.


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