RBH Gets Personal with EP2 Headphones

The new in-ear model includes noise-isolation features and an inline microphone.


Last summer, RBH Sound had us singing a new tune about in-ear headphones. The company introduced its EP1 Noise Isolating Earphones and there was much rejoicing amongst audio fans. Now, the company is cranking out (and up) its headphone options, announcing the EP2.

The EP2 is RBH’s newest noise-isolating in-ear headphone model. It has the same aluminum design and performance as its predecessor, but at a lower price. It also includes a new microphone perk for those of you that will pair this set with Apple and Android devices. This new option allows users to manage music as well as make and take calls hands-free, right from an inline aluminum control on the cord.

Other features include a custom 13mm full-range driver, a tangle-free 1.2-meter cord, and durable aluminum for those black and silver casings and the control module. The EP2 also comes with a cushy pair of Comply foam tips, four additional pairs of interchangeable ear cushions, a cord-managing shirt clip, and a pouch for travel.

“The EP2s are a welcome addition to our personal audio product lineup,” said Daren Egan, director of sales and marketing for RBH Sound. “The EP1 is a great product, and has been very successful for our company. However, there are those who want more than just high fidelity sound, they want remote control and hands-free ability. The EP2 gives those listeners yet another reason to enjoy, and control, their favorite music on the go.”

Egan also says that the company is looking to get the brand out to a wider range of listeners. The price certainly helps. RBH is selling the EP2s on the company’s website, with an MSRP of $179. That price includes a 2-year warranty and free shipping within the continental United States.


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