Polk Unleashes Melee Headset, Takes Pre-Orders for N1 Soundbar

Both of the new audio products were designed for gaming devices, such as the Xbox One.

The Melee headset is now shipping.

Back in June, Polk was making plans for the release of the Xbox One. With the gaming console just one day away, we’re getting some additional details on that announcement, as well as a new product.

Polk just unleashed the Melee, a new gaming headset that’s specifically designed for the Xbox 360. That’s right; Polk hasn’t forgotten about the 360 fans. It’s got all sorts of Polk technology and a DSP amplifier inside, so you can experience immersive, realistic sounds from your favorite games. It also has a retractable near-field microphone for trash-talk and taking calls during gameplay.

Other Melee features include a spring steel headband with stitched leatherette padding, pivoting ear cups and a one-button control cable. It also has Polk’s thumb-reach Audio Mixer, which allows users to adjust listening modes, audio and chat levels, all without ever leaving the game controller.

The company also just started taking pre-orders for the previously announced N1 soundbar, which is designed for use with all gaming platforms — including the Xbox One, of course. Naturally, you can also use it for watching TV and movies. It has Bluetooth for wireless music streaming, as well as Dolby Digital and four immersion modes, including ones for Cinema and Music.

Polk also plans to show Xbox some additional love in the near future, thanks to a revised partnership with Microsoft. According to the announcement, the two companies will continue to combine forces on new products through 2014.

“Gaming has become a focused part of our business as we introduce products that provide a whole new level of immersion into the virtual world of play,” said Mark Suskind, vice president of product line development at Polk. “Our partnership with Microsoft and its gaming studios, 343 and Turn 10, has been an important part of our integration with the gaming community. As we move into the holiday season, our world-class audio combined with best-in-class Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles will finally give gamers high-performance audio to match the visually stunning worlds of their favorite games.”

Polk is selling the Melee now in desert white, nova blue and ink black, with an MSRP of $199.95. The N1 soundbar is available for pre-order in black on black or vanilla for $299.95.

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