Pioneer Headphones Adapt to Any Audio

The SE-CLX9 and SE-CLX7 allow headphone wearers to carry more baggage than Diana Ross.


Both of Pioneer's headphone kits are currently available in Japan.

I hate earbuds. My dainty ears can only withstand the cushiest of Q-Tips, so there is something about shoving a piece of plastic into my ear canal that, well, gives me a headache. Plus, the darn things always seem to fall out when I’m on the treadmill. As if I needed another reason to stop working out…

Pioneer wants to solve all of those problems –- and possibly many others, with the SE-CLX9 and the SE-CLX7. The latter is made with metal, with the SE-CLX9 in aluminum, however, it’s not the construction that will make me change my mind — it’s the five different combinations of ear adapters.

Sure, each one is designed to do something different, blasting out bandwidth from 20Hz to 20kHz. Other specs include 105dB and up to 100mW, says Akihabara News.

You have to figure though, with all of those pieces, I should be able to find one that doesn’t feel like shoving a screwdriver into my ear — or at least I’ll go deaf trying.

Wired says the 7s run ¥12,500 ($105) and the 9s are ¥22,000 ($190).


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