Panasonic Putting 5.1 Sound into Wireless Headphones

Weighing in at just over half a pound, the RP-WF5500 will provide six hours of mobile solitude, while cranking 5.1 sound.


Currently, there is no info on pricing or availability for the RP-WF5500 outside of Japan.

Who says you need a bunch of speakers to create 5.1 sound? Panasonic wants to strap on the surround experience via the RP-WF5500 headphones.

Using 2.4GHz, these headphones boast a 20 to 22,000Hz frequency band, 40mm drivers and a 30-meter operating range.

All of those features pale in comparison to the ability to neglect everyone you know by drowning them out with surround sound that follows wherever you go; the battery provides a six full hours of solitude on a single charge. Weighing in at just a little over half a pound, it looks like the battery might give out before you do.

I4U says that the RP-WF5500 will start shipping in November — in Japan. Looks like we’re stuck with the chunky style for now.


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