Myth Labs Cranks Out Personalized Headphones

Myth headphones are modular, offering interchangeable headbands and speakers.


The Myth Eclipse.

It can be tough to find the right pair of headphones. Price is certainly a huge factor. However, you also want something that’s going to fit your head — and your musical taste.

Myth Labs just introduced personalized headphones, which promise users the most perfect fit possible. That’s because Myth headphones are modular, offering interchangeable headbands and speakers — yes, even speakers. That way, users can upgrade or change the style, as well as the overall sound experience.

Each of those speakers are tailored to different music genres and audio files. Myth says that each speaker has passive noise-canceling properties and can produce a wide, accurate soundstage. Designed for mixing and mastering, recording, phone calls and music, Myth headphones come with an auxiliary cable with a built-in microphone and a controller for ease of use.

Myth headbands are available in a variety of colors. The company also has a free iOS app to help users pick the right headphones by scanning personal music libraries. (An Android version is coming soon.)

Right now, Myth is selling the Genesis and Eclipse models on the web, with more speakers coming soon. The Genesis (MSRP: $199.99) is lightweight and designed for low-bitrate MP3 files, YouTube videos or analog equipment. The Eclipse (MSRP: $299.99), on the other hand, works best with high-quality audio files, boasting accurate bass, mids, and treble.


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