Mustek Stuffs Storage into Lightweight Headphones

Freestyle! sports MP3 playback and 2GB of memory in a portable package.


The Freestyle! boasts fingertip controls and simple drag and drop functionality for loading.

Instead of strapping yet another device to your overburdened body, Mustek is putting two great things into one package with the Freestyle!

No… the exclamation point is not my excitement; it’s all Mustek. I guess they feel the product is so revolutionary that it warranted punctuation. I can’t really blame them; it’s pretty cool that this lightweight pair of headphones also carries an MP3 player and 2GB of storage.

The unit designed for active types that need a soundtrack — and apparently, an MP3 player.

Mustek says that the unit boasts 10 hours of battery life and storage that will hold about 600 songs in either the MP3 or WMA format.

The Freestyle! is expected to ship in March for $70.


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