Maxell Stuffs Holiday Stocking with New Products

The latest offerings from Maxell include ear buds, a Blu-ray lens cleaner, mini speakers and a soundbar speaker.

maxell buds

Maxell is expanding its line of ear buds in 2008

Maxell is heading into the new year with a slew of products to churn out, and not just the old high-fidelity cassette tapes the company was once widely known for.

Since the iPod and other digital music players are where it’s at these days, Maxell is accommodating with Peanutz and Color Buds ear buds — Peanutz come in tan, silver and black; Color Buds are in a rainbow of colors that complement the latest iPod Nano and Shuffle colors.

Also for the iPod are P-20B and P-33 Nano and Touch skins in a four-pack variety of colors with neck strap and belt look included. They’re shock absorbing and dirt and dust resistant, according to Maxell.

Other new headphone products include DHP-III Digital Headphones that are collapsable and foldable for travel, and NR-EB1 Noise Reduction Ear Buds that feature the company’s noise cancellation technology.

Maxell’s P-41 and P-42 mini speakers also are designed for portable players, operating on two AAA batteries. You can clip the speaker to a backpack, purse or clothes.

For larger sound, Maxell is serving up a 5.1 Digital Sound Bar with Subwoofer that comes in wood and aluminum composite style, connecting up to seven devices so no receiver is necessary.

The company is also coming out with a Blu-ray lens cleaner that incorporates wind funnel technology to get debris out of your player without using any chemicals or brushes.


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