Light Harmonic Launches GEEK ‘Awesomifier for Headphones’ on Kickstarter

The thumb-drive-sized device is designed to pump up the volume of your laptop.

Computers have become the main source of music for most these days. We’re betting that you currently have quite a few songs stuffed into that hard drive. Why would you do that when it sounds so incredibly awful? Even with a good pair of speakers, you’re still not getting great sound. That’s why Light Harmonic is getting ready to launch the GEEK.

The GEEK is a thumb-drive-sized device that can plug into your computer’s USB port. From there, it will process the digital signal and amplify the output. The end result is cleaner, clearer and bigger sounds, all of which are specifically designed for headphone users.

“We wanted to bring good sound to a non-audiophile market, so that travelers, gamers, and music lovers can better enjoy the stuff they love,” said Gavin Fish, Light Harmonic’s VP of sales. “We want folks to have fun, like we do. That’s why we call GEEK’s USB extension ‘Slacker’ (every geek has a slacker friend, right?), and use words like Awesomifier and Shareulator instead of digital-to-analog-converter and multiple-output amplifier. We don’t think you have to speak geek to enjoy GEEK.”

Light Harmonic is currently seeking funds for GEEK on Kickstarter. At last peek, the company had exceeded its $28,000 goal — by about $140K. So you could say that consumers are excited.

“We all love the audio business,” said Fish. “The old-school industry is dying, so we’re trying to put a defibrillator on it, and help other companies in the business as well. We are bringing in small music labels to provide music downloads, and hope to bring music to the people the industry has left out: women, students, anybody who wants to enjoy music, minus all the audiophile crap.”

If you’re looking to get in on the ground floor of GEEK, the campaign will run until Thursday, Sep 12, 2013. Many of the early-adopter packages have been claimed, but you can still snag a GEEK for $159. From there, the company plans to start shipping products in January 2014. When GEEK hits store shelves in the first quarter of 2014, it will come packing an MSRP of $299.

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