Klipsch Adds 2 Pairs of In-Ear Headphones to Reference Lineup

Both the Reference R6 and Reference R6i are shipping this month.

Klipsch's Reference R6i.

Pretty soon, you won’t be able to use the cold as an excuse not to exercise. To help you resume that routine, Klipsch has just introduced two new pairs of in-ear headphones for its Reference line.

Of course, the new Reference R6 and the Reference R6i in-ear monitors aren’t just for working out. It’s perfectly acceptable to use them for vegging out as well, whether that sloth session is with music, a movie or even another type of audio.

Constructed from aluminum and elastomer, both models are lightweight and comfortable, but also durable. Each one also has flat cabling, so you won’t be fumbling with a tangled cord every time you want to rock out a little.

Each pair has a 6.5mm dual magnet micro-speaker and patented oval ear tips to fit the contour of the user’s ear canal. These also provide noise isolation and boast better bass response.

The Reference R6 works with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The R6i is designed more for the on-the-go listener, and includes a three-button remote and mic on the cord for controlling music and making calls. This works in conjunction with iPhone, iPod touch and iPod devices.

Both models come with a carrying case, four pairs of different-sized oval ear tips, and a one-year warranty. The R6i also has a clothing clip for the in-line remote and mic.

Available in black or white, both of the new Reference sets will start selling sometime this month. Klipsch has priced the Reference R6 at $79.99, with the Reference R6i coming in at $99.99.

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