JPS Labs Abyss AB-1266 Headphones Have Lambskin Earpads

The new product will start selling this month with an MSRP of $5,495.


We’ve seen a lot of headphones that claim to cushion your ears for a long day of listening. However, nothing could be softer than the upcoming Abyss AB-1266 from JPS Labs.

According to Born Rich, this pair of pricey headphones will nestle nicely on your head with actual lambskin.

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However, it’s not the comfy fit that will get customers to buy into this $5,495 set. It’s the sound, of course! Each pair of Abyss AB-1266 headphones has custom neodymium magnets, a frequency response of 5Hz to 28KHz, 46 ohms nominal (non-reactive) impedance, a sensitivity rating of 85dB, and a funky machined aluminum skeletal frame.

JPS Labs will package the Abyss AB-1266 headphones with its own two-tone solid wood case, a stand, and a “heavy leather man bag.” Expect this set to start selling sometime later this month.


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