HiFiMAN Replaces HE-400 Headphones with HE-400i

The full-size planar headphones are designed for the home and the studio.

HiFiMAN is cranking out another pair of planar headphones. The HE-400i is the company’s latest, a full-size planar magnetic headphone model designed for the home or the studio.

The HE-400i will replace the HE-400. The new model is 30 percent lighter than comparable headphones, so you can listen longer — and more comfortably. It also has increased efficiency to 93dB, newly-designed single-ended drivers, and an open-back design for lifelike sound.

Other features include a new headband, a new cable that uses crystalline metal and crystalline silver, and gloss ear cups in a smoky gray, Mylar finish. Also worth mentioning is the new FocusPad ear pads, which are made of pleather and velour.

“The original HE-400 was the best-selling, full-size headphone in the company’s history and a very popular product. While people liked the sound, they kept asking us if we could make them lighter and more comfortable,” said Dr. Fang Bian, HiFiMAN’s founder and president. “With the extensive design and engineering we had just done with our new HE-560, we were able to do several things to improve on this model. For starters, we really enhanced the ergonomics and comfort through lighter weight and a greatly improved headband. We also use the same FocusPad beveled ear pad, which is a hybrid made of pleather and velour. That further increases the comfort as well as improves the sound.”

HiFiMAN is currently taking orders for the HE-400i. It’s priced at $499 and will start shipping in August.

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