Hands-on: RHA SA950i Headphone

What kind of sound does $60 get you?


At Electronic House we favor high-end audio gear, and that doesn’t end with headphones. Our friends at Audioholics feel the same way, but they wanted to take some budget priced products out for a test drive too and came up with the $60 RHA SA950i over-the-ear headphones. That’s right, over-the-ear headphones for $60.

So what did the golden ears at Audioholics think?

While they may not be the most linear or accurate headphones I’ve tested, they are easily one of my favorites. With well extended highs, engaging bass, and no real weak point, you could do a lot worse for $60. Heck, you could do a lot worse for much more.

That’s pretty good praise coming from a reviewer who regularly samples systems costing exponentially more.

To read all the details head over to Audioholics here and share your thoughts in the forum here.


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