Fanny Wang Temporarily Tweaks Color of 3000 ANC Headphones

The new black and red version will be limited and available only while supplies last.


Headphones have become an expensive investment, and the competition for Beats dollars is stiff. Once you have a solid pair of headphones, how do you attract new customers? By tweaking the color, of course.

The Fanny Wang Headphone Co. just announced plans to release a “special” version of its 3000 Active Noise Cancelling Series headphones. However, the only thing that seems special about this set is that it comes in a new black and red color. Oh, it’s also limited — so if you like the color, you’ll need to jump on it before all of them are gone.

The company says that the new black and red color scheme was developed in response to consumer demand. We’re guessing for all of those people that want Fanny Wang, but with a Beats color scheme, no?

Besides good looks, the 3000 ANC features an increased ear cup size and four-way noise cancellation. Fanny Wang says that the set actually has two microphones to measure noise levels from inside the ear cup!

The black and red Fanny Wang 3000 ANC Series is available now, with an MSRP of $299.95. If you don’t snag a pair before they’re gone, the 3000 series also comes in black, white and navy.


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