Ear You Go: Pioneer’s Cushy SE-A1000 Headphones

Pioneer's $199 SE-A1000 headphones deliver sonic clarity, solid bass and comfort for your ears.

pioneer headphone

Pioneer's SE-A1000 headphones

Since winter’s around the corner, why not get some comfy ear coverings that also let you hear your music in great fidelity? Earbuds are great for convenience, but your lobes might want something a little cushier.

Pioneer’s SE-A1000 headphones ($199) are a step-up product if you’re looking for a more sophisticated headphone unit, especially if you want to give yourself a break from the rest of your surroundings at home.

The headphones come with more than 19 feet of cable so you have some flexibility in where you listen. For sonic quality, the system produces a nice balance between robust bass and distortion-free detail for a rich listening experience, the company says.

Comfort-wise, the SE-A1000 features lightweight materials and soft ear cushioning, so your ears will thank you.

The model is currently available only from www.pioneerelectronics.com and at the Pioneer Store in Southern California.


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