CBS Brands Its Own Electronics

The network is taking its marketing to the tech level.

90210 MP4 Karaoke Machine

The 90210 MP4 Karaoke Machine is one of CBS network's first joint products with Vaughnco.

CBS is already the number one network on TV. However, can they rank when it comes to high-tech?

The network just teamed up with Vaughnco for a line of electronics based on some of its popular TV shows. The first in the line will be a set of “Ghost Whisperer” headphones and a “90210″ portable MP4 karaoke machine. No… really.

The obvious question (aside from “say what?”) has to be: Why no love for “CSI?” All three incarnations of the show are consistently in the Nielsen top 10. How about a “Cold Case” mini fridge? Or a “Two and a Half Men” pasta maker? You’d think they’d start with some of the bigger shows before marketing items from some of the others.

Still, the headphones made their big debut on the January 9 episode of “Ghost Whisperer.” We’re not sure when or where you will be able to buy the actual items or if other shows will get the high-tech treatment.


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