Bose Covers Every Portable Possibility with FreeStyle and SoundTrue Headphones

The three new headphone models offer in-ear, on-ear and around-ear options.

Bose FreeStyle earbuds.

Bose is really well known for its headphones, thanks to strategically placed kiosks at airports all over the world. Now, the company is looking to accommodate every portable possibility on the ground as well.

The company just introduced three headphone options: FreeStyle earbuds, SoundTrue on-ear headphones, and SoundTrue on-ear headphones. All three products are available now.

Each one was designed to offer Bose in more color and design choices than ever before. However, all three feature the Bose TriPort acoustic headphone structure, which boasts powerful low notes, high frequences, and smooth vocals. Also worth noting is that no artificial bass boosting is needed.

All three new models also have an inline remote and microphone designed for use with iOS devices. A matching carrying case is also included with each purchase.

Available in indigo and ice blue, the FreeStyle earbuds have Bose’s StayHear tips in three sizes, for a stable, personalized fit. Those also feature hydrophobic cloth to cover the acoustic ports in case of moisture.

SoundTrue headphones come in on-ear and around-ear versions, with the option for black, white, mint and two-tone designs of purple/mint (on-ear headphones only) and black/mint (around-ear headphones only). Each version also has a reinforced headband with soft cushion and foam ear cups. The on-ear headphones can fold up for travel, while the around-ear version folds flat.

“We’ve researched headphone audio for over 30 years for one reason: to offer a better experience,” said Sean Garrett, vice president of the Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group. “Now, that renowned Bose experience includes new looks — another chapter in the Bose headphone story. We sweat the details on color, fit and finish, just as we did our audio engineering, to make the SoundTrue headphones and FreeStyle earbuds an extension of you. Put them on, find your playlist, and listen for yourself.”

Bose is selling the FreeStyle earbuds for $129.95, with the SoundTrue models going for $179.95 each.

SoundTrue around-ear headphones.

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