Block Out Peripheral Sound with NoiseBuster’s NB-FX

NoiseBuster's NB-FX noise-reduction headphone is being offered at discounted rates, including a two-for-$99 offer.

Noisebuster NB-FX

NoiseBuster's NB-FX headphone

Here’s a deal tough to pass up, especially for families doing some summer traveling. NoiseBuster is offering its noise reduction NB-FX headphone at a discount for an unspecified time. The company is offering one unit for $69, or, consumers can buy two — one for each of their children to put on in the backseat — for $99.

The NoiseBuster delivers 18 dB of active noise reduction across a wide frequency through its patented ANR technology, making it great for travel or if you want to listen to music in the hammock while Dad’s pushing the lawnmower (and Dad can wear one too while he mows).

The open-back design of the NoiseBuster NB-FX makes it a comfortable fit, and it folds up for portability. The earcups achieve a good ear seal without enclosing the ear in unwieldy, and often hot, closed earcups, the company says.

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