Black Friday 2013: 13 of the Best Deals on Electronics

To prepare you for the scariest shopping day of the year, here are 13 of our favorite tech deals.


By the end of this week, store shelves will look like the apocalypse is upon us. Yes, it’s time for another Black Friday.

Sure, it’s a completely over-hyped shopping event. In fact, some think it’s the hype that’s keeping the day alive. According to a recent article in Time magazine, Black Friday could soon be extinct. Yeah, tell that to the people who have been camped out for weeks now. That’s probably because they know that there are deals to be had, if you know where to find them.

The National Retail Federation says that a record 247 million shoppers showed up to stores in search of Black Friday deals last year, spending an estimated $59.1 billion. In other words, someone must be finding something. However, it can be difficult to determine what’s a good deal and what’s not, especially when you’re in the middle of all of that mayhem. Are you planning to go in search of bargains? There will be plenty of them out there, especially on TVs and other electronics. You just need to plan wisely.

We combed through some of the circulars and other pre-Black Friday announcements to see which stores would be offering the best discounts. Here are 13 of the best deals that we found on electronics for Black Friday 2013. Happy hunting!

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