Altec Lansing Builds Custom, Professional-Caliber Earphones

Altec Lansing's new hand-crafted Custom Series is a joint effort with ACS Custom.


We know that Altec Lansing makes a lot of fun products. However, they don’t make a lot of “professional” products. The company is hoping to change up its street cred with the newly announced Custom Series In-Ear Monitors.

Available in three models, the armature-based in-ear monitors are geared towards professionals and audio enthusiasts — and anyone else that wants a custom-built pair of headphones. There’s the triple driver A3, a dual-driver A2 In-Ear Monitor, and the lightweight A1. All three are a joint effort with ACS Custom, and boast engineering by DJs, professional producers, recording/mixing engineers and performing musicians.

Don’t scoff at the idea of custom headphones; this is truly a personalized product. Once you buy an Altec Lansing by ACS Custom monitor set, they don’t just send them in the mail. Instead, you get referred to one of the company’s local “pre-qualified audiologists,” who will custom-mold the monitors to fit your ears perfectly. After that, they are sent to ACS Custom for some final tweaks.

“We hand craft every individual Custom Series product in our private labs in the US and the UK for the best possible customer experience,” said Craig Kasper, audiologist and managing director at ACS Custom USA. “Premium materials, innovative designs and a relentless focus on the details means that the new Altec Lansing by ACS Custom in-ear monitors will provide nearly flawless sound reproduction and an enthralling musical experience for audiophiles and professionals alike,”

All three models boast a frequency response range of 16Hz ~ 20KHz, as well as noise-isolation features. It also has something called 40 Shore silicone, which can actually adapt to the wearer’s body temperature, forming a better seal that can keep the noise out.

Altec Lansing by ACS Custom Series In-Ear Monitors will start shipping this month. The triple armature A3 is $999.95, with the A2 and A1 coming in at $749.95 and $499.95, respectively.


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