Acoustic Research Headphones Feed My Ears Wireless Tunes

Powered by wireless technology from newcomer Avnera Corp., Acoustic Research's wireless stereo headphones are a quality wireless alternative.

acoustic headphones

Acoustic Research's wireless stereo headphones

A newly launched company is trying to put a new spin on wireless technology. That would be making it sound “wired” and making it affordable at the same time.

Headquartered in Beaverton, OR, Avnera Corp. unveiled at the end of October its AudioMagic and VoiceMagic chip technology solutions, which the company has been implementing in products that are already on store shelves.

I recently had the opportunity to try out one of those products that’s available, Acoustic Research’s wireless headphones (AWD210), which retail for $199.

Avnera points to its small footprint in the 2.4-GHz spectrum as well as audio-specific forward error correction to provide optimum, interference-free wireless signal in the headphones. Hooking up my iPod to the transmitter and sliding on the headphones here in our multi-cubicled office posed a nice signal challenge to them, which the Acoustic Research headphones passed well. The sound came through crystal clear, and the volume control on the headphones themselves is an added bonus.

The wireless range we were told was about 45 feet, which seemed to hold true in this busy office. And not only was frequency noise not a problem, but actual noise wasn’t either, as the headphones served to block out everything but the iTunes pumping into my ears.

At home, the 2.1 stereo signal was just as sweet through both my iPod as well as a hooked-up CD player. And the signal traveled further (Acoustic Research indeed actually notes distances up to 100 feet). All in all, it made for a great accessory to give me quality audio playback as I raked and bagged leaves.


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