5 Valentine’s Gifts for a Geeky Girl

The most feared holiday is just days away. Here are a few sweets for your sweet.


It’s true; Valentine’s Day is designed to put the fear of god into hearts of men and marshmallows into the hearts of their significant others. That said, my husband probably shouldn’t expect dinner this Monday if he doesn’t buy into this Hallmark holiday.

However, I don’t want him scrounging for year-old chocolates and the last, sad bouquet from some side-of-the-road vendor. Instead, the gift of geek would be much appreciated, and something he would probably enjoy just as much.

Need a few gift ideas? Here are five different gift ideas for the geeky girl in your life…

Apple’s iPad. Yes, I am one of the few people on the planet who has yet to get an iPad. I’m not expecting one for the holiday, but it certainly would be appreciated. I’m a computer/email/streaming media junkie. Obviously, this combines all three of my addictions and allows me to follow step-by-step recipes in the kitchen, play games, and basically keep me out of his hair for most of the week. A nice touch would be pre-loading the device with the newly announced, free Beatles LOVE app. [Starts at $499, Apple iPad]

Hex iPod Nano Watchband. The key to a girl’s heart is not all things Apple, but this one is pretty fashionable — and functional to boot. Of course, it only works if your special someone already has the nano. Otherwise, it’s just a piece of useless plastic. For the rest, it’s a nano-enhanced Swatch-like watch. It’s also under $30. [$29.95, Hex]

USB Mixed Tape. Nothing says love like the perfect mixed tape, but good luck finding a significant other that still has a cassette player. She would be a real keeper! However, this little kit can digitize that sentiment. Just plug this USB stick into your PC, load it up with music, and stuff it into the cassette-styled packaging. The 1GB stick stores more up to 900 minutes of digital music, which should be more love songs than even Cupid could handle. [$20, SUCK UK]

Tangled in 3D. Scoring this summer Disney flick says you are sentimental and insanely romantic. It also says you appreciate my eyes as well as my heart. Of course, it’s also not out yet, but the order slip should suffice as a Valentine’s IOU. [$29.99, Amazon]

Heartbeats by Monster. I’m not a big Lady Gaga fan, but I am a fan of extremely good headphones. Like the artist, this set is very unique. They aren’t made of meat, but they do feature great sound and Monster’s flat-cable design for clutter-free playback and on-cable iPod control. [$129.99, Heartbeats by Monster]


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