16 Great Wireless Audio Products

  • Nuvo NWAS_P200_iPadControllApp
    NuVo Wireless Audio System
    The Wireless Audio System combines dual-band Wi-Fi and MIMO to transmit up to 16 audio streams at once. And it can do this at 600kbps, says NuVo. Designed to hook to the home network, the NuVo system can tap into music stored in iTunes and Windows Media and stream services such as Pandora, Rhapsody and SiriusXM. The NuVo system includes three components: the two music players (P200 and P100) and a network gateway (GW100). Listeners can use a smartphone or tablet to control the units, via NuVo’s free iOS and Android apps. Other features include support for up to 16 separate listening zones, aptX Bluetooth technology, and gold 5-way binding posts for connecting to stereo speakers. The P200 boasts 60 watts of power per channel, with the P100 doing 20 watts per channel (2 channels @8 ohms). nuvotechnologies.com
  • bluesound
    Bluesound Wireless System
    The Bluesound music system, from PSB Speakers and NAD Electronics parent company Lenbrook, uses Wi-Fi (or wired Ethernet) to distribute Internet-based or locally-stored music to speakers all over your house, controlled through iOS or Android apps. Each system connects to your home’s network to communicate to the Internet or to each other. There are four main products: The Node, Power Node, Pulse and Vault, plus a speaker/sub combination called the Duo. The Pulse and Duo are networked speaker products, while the Node and Power Node (which includes a 50-watt amp and subwoofer output) let you connect the system to your own speakers. The Vault is unique in this product category, as it features a CD-ripper with a 1TB hard drive for storing your digital music in MP3 or lossless FLAC formats to then stream. bluesound.com
  • Bose SoundTouch app with SoundTouch 20 system_01
    Bose SoundTouch Wi-Fi
    Based on 802.11g Wi-Fi, the SoundTouch music systems allow users to stream music from the Web or from a stored collection. The units also include Apple AirPlay, and Bose plans to add music services like Deezer, iHeartRadio and others. Products include the SoundTouch 30 Wi-Fi, designed for larger spaces; the SoundTouch 20 Wi-Fi, a more compact unit for smaller rooms; and the SoundTouch Portable Wi-Fi, a book-size speaker that has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. On top of each unit are six simple preset buttons that can be pressed and held to preset a station, Pandora channel or playlist from a PC or iDevice. They have a front-facing OLED screen that gives feedback on what song or Internet radio station has been selected using metadata, and each speaker comes with an IR remote. A control app for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows is also available. bose.com
  • soundcast_melody
    Soundcast Melody
    Ideal for extending music’s reach outdoors, Melody is an omni-directional Bluetooth wireless speaker. Weighing just 9 pounds, it’s compact enough to hit the beach or sit by the pool. Also, because it has Bluetooth, it can stream music wirelessly right to the speaker from any smartphone, tablet or PC. Even better, the Melody has a water- and UV-resistant, all-weather plastic enclosure. It also features four bass radiators and four high-performance full-range speakers to belt out 360 degrees of sound. Other features include a sturdy handle, a 3.5mm input, and a rechargeable battery that promises up to 20 hours of playtime. It comes with an AC adapter, a 12-volt car adapter, and a USB charging cable.
  • B_W A7_laptop
    Bowers & Wilkins A7
    The A7 is an all-in-one speaker system that includes Apple’s wireless AirPlay technology. Wrapped in a contemporary industrial design, the A7 employs built-in Class-D amplification that drives two 1-inch B&W Nautilus tweeters, two 3-inch midrange drivers and a single, 6-inch woofer. Rated frequency response is 40Hz to 36kHz. The A7 also includes DSP processing to handle signal management, 24-bit/96kHz digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that augments the quality of wireless music streams and the AirPlay technology. Control of the speaker system is accomplished via an iPhone, iPad and iPod running iOS 4.3.3 or greater.
  • voco_v_zone_bild_1376906020
    VOCO V-Zone+
    V-Zone+ is a wireless music and video receiver that provides quick access to music (and videos) and wirelessly streams them throughout your home using a smartphone or tablet. Connect the V-Zone+ to any stereo, powered speakers or TV and start streaming. The unit is configurable as a Wi-Fi hotspot and has a built-in music server that automatically finds music when an iPod, MP3 player, or USB hard drive is plugged into one of the two USB inputs. You can download the VOCO Controller to use voice control for accessing and selecting your stored music, Internet radio, streaming services and YouTube.
  • Sonos_Ecosystem
    The Sonos ecosystem includes a variety of wireless speakers (even a soundbar, the PLAYBAR) and audio components that talk to each other through the gateway Bridge. The PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 speakers can be used individually or paired for stereo playback of all your digitally stored music and streaming services the Sonos system doles out. You can add a Connect amp to bring the wireless audio goodness to an existing stereo system via analog and digital outputs. The Sonos Controller App choreographs the wireless playback, letting you use a smartphone or tablet to select sources and songs, group rooms together and queue up playlists. sonos.com
  • Samsung_Wireless_Audio_Multiroom_M7_side_201310010943562
    Samsung Shape
    The wireless speaker and multiroom audio system features two devices: the M7 speaker and the WAM250 hub. The speaker can connect to a wireless network and run a suite of streaming music apps, and it includes Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. Two M7s can be set up as a set of stereo speakers, or you can just play stereo from a single speaker. To extend the system beyond one room, the M7 hub connects to a router via Ethernet to function as a music gateway that can send music wirelessly to any M7 speaker. By using the Shape app (iOS or Android), you can stream music throughout the house or just to individual M7 speakers. With the hub installed, you can access a handful of music apps including Pandora, TuneIn Radio, Amazon Cloud Player and Rhapsody. samsung.com
  • IAV LightSpeaker_RS5.2.0 AudioRock System 400
    IAV LightSpeaker Systems
    IAV runs on proprietary 2.4GHz wireless technology to prevent interference from a home’s wireless network. It lets you transmit music to multiple areas from a separate base unit to which you can connect a couple of audio components. The LightSpeaker system combines audio with an LED bulb that screws in like any other bulb, with up to 16 LightSpeakers able to be daisy-chained in a system. The stereo weatherproof AudioRock system lets you take the tunes outside without running wires, as two zones and two sources can be fed from the transmitter, expandable so multiple AudioRocks can be placed throughout the yard. iavlightspeaker.com
  • B&O
    Bang & Olufsen Immaculate Wireless Sound
    Bang & Olufsen’s (B&O) new Immaculate Wireless Sound system uses the Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) multi-channel open wireless audio standard from the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA). As a result, B&O says its branded speakers and televisions will reproduce 24-bit, uncompressed music at native sampling rates wirelessly using the 5.0GHz to 5.8GHz DFS range to avoid interference from other signals. The new standard claims to overcome the latency and error problems associated with low-end wireless speaker solutions. Lip synch issues due to compression-induced latency have also been eliminated. B&O will be using microchips from Summit Semiconductor to comply with the standard. bang-olufsen.com
  • Korus V400 and V600
    Korus Wireless Speakers
    Launched by Core Brands, Korus delivers music from your smartphone or tablet to speakers throughout your house. Korus comprises two wireless speakers, the V400 and larger V600. The products employ 2.4 GHz SKAA technology, which is billed as a much better alternative to Bluetooth because of its quality of service (QoS), low latency and multizone capabilities. Both the V400 and V600 have dual side-firing tweeters. The V600 takes six “D” batteries (not included) for roughly 90 hours of continuous playback. The V400 must be plugged in for power. Typical range for the SKAA speakers is around 65 feet, and is playback capable of 480kbps quality. You need to plug a dongle, or “Baton” as Korus calls it, into the source for the speakers to communicate; Korus provides USB, Lightning and 30-pin Batons. korussound.com
  • casatunes ct-8
    CasaTunes Multi-Room Music Servers
    Designed to work seamlessly with most A/V receivers, CasaTunes Music Servers offer many music playback options. For instance, you can stream music to three wired rooms with five wireless rooms. If it’s a big house to fill, there’s a system that can support up to 24 wired and 10 wireless rooms. CasaTunes says each system can distribute music to both wired and wireless speakers, via AirPlay, multichannel amps and multizone A/V receivers. Opt for a different playlist in every room or rock them all to the same tune. The system can be controlled via the company’s iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps, as well as a web browser or keypad. Tap into tunes from a music library on a computer, phone or tablet, as well as the popular streaming services built into CasaTunes. casatunes.com
  • wasp audio-jpg2
    WASP Audio LINK-Mount
    Standing for “wireless audio solution products,” WASP Audio puts your traditional speakers (on-wall or freestanding) on a wireless platform through a universal wall-mount installation bracket. Transmission works over a tri-band chip that can be used to find uncluttered signals over 2.4GHz for whole-house, or 5.2/5.8GHz for in-room applications. The LINK-Mount can set up at distances as far as 60 feet and once the product is installed, a custom electronics pro can easily hook up the bracket’s 50-watt Class D monoblock amplifier to power a mounted speaker. waspaudio.com
  • Klipsch Stadium-Angle-Grille_635132885588680000
    Klipsch Stadium
    This wireless music system was designed to commemorate the partnership between Klipsch and Live Nation. It’s a slick tabletop system that promises to deliver big stadium-style sound from a compact package, which includes brushed aluminum cabinetry with soft-touch accents. It has Wi-Fi, AirPlay and aptX Bluetooth, so you can stream up a storm using your preferred wireless method. The Stadium also has plenty of Klipsch goods, including the company’s Tractrix Horn technology, Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) tweeters, and midrange drivers with Faraday Rings. Other features include an amplifier that can deliver 400 watts (peak), a frequency response rated at 26Hz to 24kHz (+/-3dB), and an output of 112dB. klipsch.com
  • Russound-XStream-Model_X5
    Russound XStream
    The XStream X5 is an all-in-one streamer, web-based controller and digital amplifier (50W x 2). It streams audio over a 802.11n wireless network and features an Ethernet port if a hardwired connection is preferred. The antennas on the rear of the product are detachable and can be remotely mounted if needed to extend the signal up to 20 feet. Each X5 unit also features a 12v DC trigger connection and an IR output, ideal for controlling a TV via the My Russound smartphone/tablet app. Digital audio inputs (coaxial and optical) for a local audio signal and analog RCA line out allows the signal to pass through to a beefier amplifier or A/V receiver. There’s also a subwoofer output for those who want extra bass. Up to 16 X5 zones can be installed, and the company’s IP-based control protocol makes the XStream compatible with popular automation systems. russound.com
  • Control4 WirelessMusicBridge_Back
    Control4 Wireless Music Bridge
    The Wireless Music Bridge is a small accessory product for owners of Control4 home automation systems. Its purpose is to get music from iPhones, Android tablets and other little wireless devices into the home A/V system via Control4. It has no built-in streaming services, radio or hard drives, but the WMB supports Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, and DLNA, which covers pretty much any kind of smartphone or tablet, and sends its music over the Bridge. The WMB connects to the network, in most cases via the home system’s Ethernet switch (it can be connected via Wi-Fi too). Once it’s configured in the Control4 Composer program, it’s ready to play. And you don’t need to have a Control4 remote, touchscreen or app to make the WMB work–you just need the device that holds your music (or music services). control4.com

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