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Cool Homes: Hidden Audio, Video and Automation in Hoboken

Outfitting a condo with invisible speakers, motorized hidden TV and a Total Control automation system.

Cool Homes: Environmentally Sound and Technologically Smart Home

Elan g! smart home control system enables effortless energy savings for Florida homeowner.

Cool Homes: Kalomirakis Builds the Biggest Little Home Theater in New York

The famous home theater designer builds a masterpiece in his own New York home.

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Flooded Basement Becomes Disco Theaterimage

Family turns water and mold removal into CinemaScope movies and dance floor.

Can a Theater Be Too Big?

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Congratulations to the talented designers and installers selected as winners in our 2014 Home of the Year Awards. They went above and beyond the call of duty by carefully tailoring each system to the needs and lifestyles of the respective homeowners. Please enjoy viewing this year's homes. We hope they inspire your own projects.
2014 Top Winners
Home Automation Extreme Pushes the Limits
Home Automation Extreme Pushes the Limits.

Beach House is A Home Automation Wonder
Crestron control, Holovision doorbell, custom car elevator and more designed to homeowners' needs.

Two Theaters and More in Extreme Automated Home
A Private Entertainment Palace in Malibu.

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