Grant Clauser
01/08 11:20 AM,
Control and integration of devices and kitchen appliances will include a wall-mount touchpanel

Rachel Cericola
01/08 11:45 AM,
The new reference music player is a descendant of the company’s HM-901.

Grant Clauser
01/08 10:35 AM,
The top L9400U lines includes full array backlight and a labyrinth speaker system.

Rachel Cericola
01/08 09:19 AM,
The new Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz promises uncompressed full 1080p HD streams without wires.

Rachel Cericola
01/08 08:43 AM,
The stylish system can tie in digital music from the cloud, a computer, a NAS, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Lisa Montgomery
01/07 06:02 PM,
Expansion of home automation program offers consumers new product choices

Rachel Cericola
01/07 05:19 PM,
The new unit promises to transform a blank wall into a 147-inch 4K display.

Rachel Cericola
01/07 02:49 PM,
Pre-orders for the latest smart lock will begin later this month.

Rachel Cericola
01/07 12:34 PM,
The $12K component should be shipping sometime this summer.

Rachel Cericola
01/07 11:18 AM,
The media server will be available for a limited time, starting January 14, 2014.

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