Rachel Cericola
11/11 08:43 AM, 0 Comments
The new wireless speaker can do multi-zone and 24-bit/192kHz streaming with patented Sound Array technology.

Rachel Cericola
11/07 10:01 AM, 0 Comments
The upcoming speaker is something people will be talking about—and talking to, as well.

EH Staff
11/04 08:55 AM, 0 Comments
Any place you listen to music and don’t want floor or shelf speakers getting in your way is a good place for an architectural speaker.

Rachel Cericola
11/03 12:59 PM, 0 Comments
New Neolith electrostatic speaker has the performance of the Statement Evolution 2 loudspeaker and the simplicity of the original Monolith.

Rachel Cericola
11/03 09:21 AM, 0 Comments
Denon portable headphone amplifier has a USB-DAC that’s compatible with high-resolution audio files.

Rachel Cericola
10/29 08:53 AM, 0 Comments
The new Action packs a lot of power into a pint-sized, portable package.

Rachel Cericola
10/27 01:15 PM, 0 Comments
The company’s first Bluetooth speaker boasts True360 sound and 24 hours of battery life.

Rachel Cericola
10/24 02:18 PM, 0 Comments
The tiny box packs in a 300-watt amplifier and two 6.5-inch drivers.

Rachel Cericola
10/24 09:26 AM, 0 Comments
The company has debuted three pairs of headphones and the new PHA-3 portable headphone DAC/amp.

Rachel Cericola
10/24 08:09 AM, 0 Comments
The audio format is coming to Denon av receivers AVR-X5200W and AVR-X4100W, as well as Marantz’s SR7009 and AV7702.

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