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Grant Clauser
03/10 01:01 PM,
The new Revolv hub brings many different smart home devices under one roof.

Grant Clauser
03/03 04:51 PM,
Iris is an easy to setup system for basic home monitoring and device control.

Grant Clauser
02/28 11:11 AM,
The LiivNAS combined with a Dune HD make a very effective, and cost-effective, BD movie server.

Grant Clauser
02/10 01:58 PM,
Sunfire has proven with the Atmos XT that you can get the sound of a large subwoofer in an incredibly small package.

Grant Clauser
01/13 01:42 PM,
This sub-$3K projector includes features to appeal to enthusiasts and installers.

Grant Clauser
12/19 11:04 AM,
These are the reviews that received the most reader attention. They run the gamut from video displays to smart light bulbs. Look for a lot more like this in 2014.

Grant Clauser
12/12 09:29 PM,
Onkyo adds some muscle and a wireless sub to your TV audio.

Grant Clauser
12/03 08:58 AM,
New Bluetooth powered LED light changes colors and senses when you leave the room.

EH Staff
10/31 01:05 PM,
It’s true. Panasonic is really calling it quits on plasma this time.

Grant Clauser
10/21 04:26 PM,
IOGEAR’s Wireless system lets you send full HD video and audio anywhere in the house.

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