Lighting/Home Control

Grant Clauser
08/04 02:57 PM, 0 Comments
New MaxMyTV smart home system connects directly with a television for running lights, security camera and more.

EH Staff
07/30 10:07 AM, 0 Comments
Aside from the ease-of-use and control abilities of smart home systems,  aesthetically pleasing keypads and touchpanels can replace wall banks full of old-fashioned dimmers and switches.

Lisa Montgomery
07/30 09:27 AM,
Elan g! smart home control system enables effortless energy savings for Florida homeowner.

Grant Clauser
07/29 10:52 AM, 0 Comments
Piper smart wireless security camera can expand into a simple home automation system.

Rachel Cericola
07/23 10:34 AM, 2 Comments
The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapter provides remote control over any incandescent, halogen, dimmable CFL and dimmable LED bulbs.

Rachel Cericola
07/21 01:42 PM,
Users will soon be able to control and monitor their home by speaking to Microsoft’s intelligent assistant.

Grant Clauser
07/17 07:58 AM,
If SmartThings becomes part of Samsung, this will be another huge awareness boost for the whole DIY market.

Rachel Cericola
07/16 10:38 AM,
ThinkGeek’s Star Trek universal remote includes tactile force-feedback and the option to store up to 36 commands.

EH Staff
07/15 01:10 PM,
Here’s an easy way to get started on your new smart house project—enter this new sweepstakes from Electronic House for a Lutron smart home starter package.

Lisa Montgomery
07/11 10:51 AM,
An 18,000-square foot house goes over-the-top with extreme home automation.

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