The right lighting can change everything! Whatever your reason- cost savings, security, or even dramatic effect, we’ve got you covered.

Lisa Montgomery
06/09 08:41 AM,
1,125-square-foot home theater reflect the mood of sci-fi thriller “The Matrix” with innovative use of colored LED lighting

Lisa Montgomery
06/06 01:38 PM, 8 Comments
Unsure about the best home automation system? Here’s a primer to help you get started on your search

Rachel Cericola
06/03 01:34 PM, 0 Comments
Smart home systems take center stage in 3 Illinois Sears stores.

Lisa Montgomery
06/02 03:44 PM, 0 Comments
Lutron joins the ever-growing DIY home automation marketplace with new Smart Bridge product.

Lisa Montgomery
06/02 09:05 AM,
Check out the top winning Home of the Year outdoor systems and more.

Julie Jacobson
05/15 10:05 AM,
Now you can get Insteon smart home systems from Microsoft stores and run the platform on Windows 8 smartphones.

EH Staff
05/13 09:27 AM,
Learn what you need to turn your home into a smart home.

Grant Clauser
05/12 09:32 AM,
Imperceptible speakers and motorized flat-panel TV lift maintain clean aesthetics without sacrificing performance.

Grant Clauser
05/05 06:36 PM,
Are smart home products ready to go mainstream? Consumer Reports rates its favorite devices.

Rachel Cericola
04/25 09:45 AM,
The Netgear Security Android Touch Screen (STS7000) lets you control thermostats, lighting and more.

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