Home Control

Learn about controlling your whole home, including your home theater, your lighting and temperature, security system and more!

Grant Clauser
06/05 12:10 AM,
Addition of new A/V and design elements unleashes room’s inner theater power.

Grant Clauser
06/04 01:00 PM,
Custom home theater turbo charged with top-line audio and video equipment.

Rachel Cericola
06/03 01:34 PM, 0 Comments
Smart home systems take center stage in 3 Illinois Sears stores.

Lisa Montgomery
06/02 03:44 PM, 0 Comments
Lutron joins the ever-growing DIY home automation marketplace with new Smart Bridge product.

Grant Clauser
06/02 03:08 PM, 9 Comments
Apple’s HomeKit protocol may make adding smart home devices to your iPhone easier.

Lisa Montgomery
06/02 09:05 AM,
Check out the top winning Home of the Year outdoor systems and more.

Grant Clauser
05/30 02:40 PM, 0 Comments
This was an exciting week for Electronic House, with great Home of the Year articles and lots of smart home news.

Grant Clauser
05/30 09:40 AM, 0 Comments
Multiple wireless music players can be used in a system, making it easy for whole family use.

Grant Clauser
05/28 02:55 PM, 0 Comments
The SmartThings smart home platform offers a lot of customization to make your devices work your way.

Krissy Rushing
05/28 12:32 PM,
Spec house “hunting lodge” features nature-friendly home theater and integrated security system.

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