Home Control

Learn about controlling your whole home, including your home theater, your lighting and temperature, security system and more!

Lisa Montgomery
03/12 10:21 AM, 0 Comments
Timers and schedules give automation systems the ability to match your routine, but with the flexibility to be customized.

Grant Clauser
03/11 08:51 AM, 2 Comments
With nearly a 100% revenue increase over the prior year, how will Sonos fare against new competition?

Rachel Cericola
03/10 04:26 PM, 0 Comments
The smart home and smart car come together under a single app.

Lisa Montgomery
03/10 02:26 PM,
Owners of these high-tech basketball courts celebrate March Madness in style.

Grant Clauser
03/10 01:01 PM, 4 Comments
The new Revolv hub brings many different smart home devices under one roof.

Rachel Cericola
03/10 11:27 AM, 0 Comments
Looking to build a security system? Here are a few things to consider to help you monitor and protect your home.

Lisa Montgomery
03/07 08:26 AM, 0 Comments
High-performance audio upgrades topped this homeowner’s renovation and home automation to-do list.

Rachel Cericola
03/07 09:25 AM, 0 Comments
The HomeSeer Android WFTT07 boots automatically to the company’s HSTouch app.

Rachel Cericola
03/06 12:13 PM, 0 Comments
The unit combines a home theater surround sound processor, a multichannel amp, and a DigitalMedia room box in one.

Grant Clauser
03/06 09:45 AM,
10 steps to getting the home automation system you really need and not the one I tell you you need.

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