Home Control

Learn about controlling your whole home, including your home theater, your lighting and temperature, security system and more!

EH Staff
07/03 07:05 AM,
Some basic questions regarding the installation, and peace of mind, for your security.

Grant Clauser
07/02 02:25 PM, 1 Comment
New smart home systems are getting better and more affordable. Will the DIY market finally take off?

Krissy Rushing
07/02 08:00 AM,
Controllable LED lighting sets a colorful backdrop for home theater system.

Rachel Cericola
07/01 12:54 PM, 0 Comments
The Archos Smart Home lineup includes a tablet, a smart plug, motion detection, and more.

Grant Clauser
07/01 11:39 AM, 1 Comment
Now starting at $49, Staples Connect is the cheapest entry into a smart home system.

Lisa Montgomery
07/01 10:22 AM,
Add peace of mind when you hear a bump in the night with a preprogrammed panic button

Lisa Montgomery
07/01 09:10 AM,
Football Sundays spearhead design and automation of basement renovation.

Rachel Cericola
06/27 11:44 AM, 1 Comment
The $79 hub will work in conjunction with the Wink app for iOS and Android devices.

Grant Clauser
06/27 09:21 AM,
Every room in this home seems to have some kind of hidden trick.

Lisa Montgomery
06/24 09:29 AM,
Clever space-saving integration of A/V and home automation systems shapes a family’s condo into a sleek, smart, modern home.

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