Home Theater

Lisa Montgomery
06/20 10:44 AM,
The winning home theater in the $150,000 and up category does double duty.

Lisa Montgomery
06/19 11:36 AM,
Family rips out old home automation system; replaces with newer, smarter, more reliable solution.

Rachel Cericola
06/19 11:42 AM,
The newly announced Marantz SR5009 also has 4K support, eight HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs.

Rachel Cericola
06/19 09:01 AM,
After the smoke has cleared from our Home of the Year awards, we are left with a ton of noteworthy installs.

Grant Clauser
06/18 10:10 AM,
Addition of a high-end entertainment area provides homeowners with a casino-style video wall and multi-zone music.

Lisa Montgomery
06/16 09:43 AM,
Extensive outdoor automation creates one-of-a-kind entertaining space.

Grant Clauser
06/13 09:53 AM,
A whole lot of folks got together to end the confusion about high resolution audio. Does it help any?

Grant Clauser
06/12 10:17 AM,
The new NAD Masters Series is loaded with audiophile features for music and movie lovers.

Krissy Rushing
06/11 01:31 PM,
Pumps and pipes couldn’t stop this basement from becoming a beautiful, high-performance home theater.

Grant Clauser
06/11 12:06 PM,
New 1080p TVs from VIZIO are slimmer and have improved LED backlighting.

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