Grant Clauser
09/30 03:12 PM,
Prima Cinema, the $500 pay-per-view movie service, is awesome, if you can afford it.

Julie Jacobson
09/27 08:02 AM,
Open API for Dish Hopper enables two-way integration with home automation. Dish announces partnership with Control4 at CEDIA 2013, demos concepts from Savant and Crestron.

Lisa Montgomery
09/27 07:35 AM,
Easy controls help renovated residence look its best

Arlen Schweiger
09/26 11:28 PM,
You’ve never seen a loudspeaker quite like this artistic creation from Status Acoustics.

Lisa Montgomery
09/25 10:04 PM,
European home automation manufacturer, Fibaro, introduces US to super-smart sensors

Julie Jacobson
09/25 08:25 PM,
New smart-home Gateway includes handheld remote, little black box, full Savant home automation.

Julie Jacobson
09/25 07:49 PM,
Nest opens API and developer program for its learning thermostats.

Arlen Schweiger
09/25 01:30 PM,
Commercial background aids weatherproof in-ground and mountable speaker offerings.

Steven Castle
09/20 08:38 AM,
Four-Source, four-zone audio distribution system suits smaller homes.

Steven Castle
09/14 09:06 AM,
Energy management in everything from home control touchpanels to amplifiers.

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