Rachel Cericola
04/09 10:22 AM,
The powered 42-inch soundbar includes dedicated audio modes for home theater, music, plus Bluetooth.

EH Staff
04/03 12:04 PM,
Designed with the audiophile in mind, Oppo’s headphones will be released in limited quantities.

Grant Clauser
04/03 09:55 AM,
We tried out the wireless Bluesound Vault, Powernode and Duo speaker system .

Rachel Cericola
04/02 12:08 PM,
Both the Reference R6 and Reference R6i are shipping this month.

EH Staff
03/31 12:16 PM,
The HT-CT770, HT-CT370, and HT-XT1 speaker systems also support Bluetooth with NFC and control via SongPal.

Rachel Cericola
03/31 11:32 AM,
With a wireless system you no longer need to be tethered to your home theater.

Grant Clauser
03/26 10:42 AM,
Peerless ADS100-B sets up its own Wi-Fi network to wirelessly distribute music.

Rachel Cericola
03/24 10:13 AM,
Paradigm’s compact 2.1 Millenia CT 2 speaker system supports Dolby Digital, Bluetooth and AVRC.

Rachel Cericola
03/21 11:56 AM,
The NuVo Player App version 1.8.1 is now available for download.

Lisa Montgomery
03/19 11:01 AM,
This home is a great example of how regular updates keep a system always on the cutting edge.

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