Rachel Cericola
05/23 02:37 PM,
The Sony SRS-X3 and SRS-X2 Bluetooth speakers feature easy NFC pairing.

Rachel Cericola
05/23 10:40 AM,
Is integrating an LED smart light bulb with a Bluetooth speaker a bright idea? We check it out.

Rachel Cericola
05/21 09:26 AM,
Weighing in at less than four pounds, the compact Bluetooth stereo radio includes 20 hr battery.

EH Staff
05/19 09:09 AM,
KEF’s latest luxury loudspeaker models combine style with audiophile performance.

Grant Clauser
05/15 01:27 PM,
Fusion Research included a Burr-Bown audiophile DAC and 24-bit/192KHz audio playback.

EH Staff
05/14 08:24 AM,
Denon’s AVR-S500BT, AVR-S700W and AVR-S900W home theater receivers go from $249 to $599.

Grant Clauser
05/12 09:32 AM,
Imperceptible speakers and motorized flat-panel TV lift maintain clean aesthetics without sacrificing performance.

Rachel Cericola
05/01 12:35 PM,
The new 4x4 and 8x8 units boast built-in Cool Power amps, Ethernet control, and more.

Rachel Cericola
05/01 08:50 AM,
The first product in the company’s Lightning line provides whole-house, high-res streaming.

Lisa Montgomery
04/30 11:33 AM,
Technology in CE pro’s on home provides clients with a close, realistic look at automation.

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