Lisa Montgomery
01/20 02:13 PM,
Elan g! automation system gives homeowner a small dose of technology with opportunities for more.

Steve Crowe
01/13 05:37 PM,
Google has acquired Nest, maker of the popular smart thermostat. Nest will remain a separate brand, and Tony Fadell will continue to lead the company.

Lisa Montgomery
12/19 08:41 AM,
The Cake Boss celebrates Christmas with an elaborate home lighting display automated via Elan g!.

Lisa Montgomery
12/17 07:00 AM,
Savant control system simplifies life in a Manhattan Beach house.

Lisa Montgomery
12/13 07:44 AM,
Tech-savvy homeowners take electronics to the extreme, but use everyday iPads and iPhones to control it all.

EH Staff
12/11 07:37 AM, 0 Comments
Our editors put in their picks for high-tech happiness this year.

Lisa Montgomery
11/20 10:33 AM,
Elan and Lutron systems provide smart automation solutions for Wyoming’s Amangani Resort.

Lisa Montgomery
11/18 11:33 AM,
It’s a Clark Griswold kind of Christmas when clumsiness overcomes our electronic devices

Lisa Montgomery
11/14 11:40 AM,
Crestron system serves up plenty of entertainment, control, and showcases impressive car collection.

Lisa Montgomery
11/07 11:21 AM,
A real home is the best test lab for a home automation system.

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